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Guest Group Guidelines

As found on the Conference Point Website. Original Link can be found here


To All Of Our Guests: Conference Point Center exists to be used by any Christian church or Christian organization that desires to see individuals brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord as well as to strengthen believers spiritually through God's Word. Our guests are asked to comply with a few simple requirements while staying at or using the Conference Center. Please leave the facility clean and in order so as to provide an enjoyable place for our future guests. If more than one group is using the facility, please be considerate of each other. Please enjoy only the meeting and lodging rooms that are assigned to your group. Your cooperation is much appreciated. We strongly suggest providing a copy of these guidelines to any guest associated with your group.


Contact Information/Office Hours/Check In-Out: We strongly suggest that you give your (the group leader) cell number to your Church/Organization's office and families with minors in the event of an emergency and they need to contact someone from your group. It may be helpful to provide one additional cell number as backup. Although we do try to check the Conference voice mail periodically there is no guarantee that emergency calls will get to the intended guests in time. Our office is normally open Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. For a normal weekend retreat Check In time (for group leaders) is anytime after 3:00 p.m. and Check Out time is 1:30 on Sunday.


Medical: Groups are required to bring their own first aid supplies. CPC does not provide a medical staff person. Groups are responsible to provide one adult health staff member who will distribute first aid supplies, prescription and non­prescription drugs to minors in the group. They will also be responsible for keeping medical waivers and CPC liability waivers. For any serious life threatening injuries please contact 911. Immediately after that, contact your host or host back up for assistance. In the event of an incident, the guest group must immediately inform a member of the CPC hosting staff so that a written report can be completed prior to guest group departure.


Behavior/Adult Supervision/Cabin Visitation/Dress Code: Our grounds and facilities are a place set apart for life- changing experiences through Christ. Any individual exhibiting lewd or inappropriate behavior which distracts from that vision, as interpreted by our staff, will be asked to leave and the group may forfeit the right to renew their contract. There is no mixing or visiting of sexes in sleeping units, except for families. Each group will provide adult supervision. We suggest at least 1 adult for every 8 children or teens. Counselors and staff are to sleep in the same area as the youth and are responsible for their conduct. CPC reserves the right to remove any guests due to unruly behavior. As a ministry we request guests to wear modest clothing. We also ask that one-piece swim suits or tankinis be worn, no speedos and no bikinis unless worn with a swimsuit cover-up. Also, please wear appropriate shoes and swim suit cover-ups when going into public buildings.


Curfew: Noise from outside activities must be limited between 10:00pm-7:00am. (Please be respectful of other groups and neighbors during these times especially when walking between buildings) Our curfew is 11:30pm; all guests are asked to be in their appropriate accommodations, please no outdoor activities.


Alcohol/Drugs/Tobacco/Firearms/Fireworks/Candles: No alcohol, illegal drugs, knives, firearms, skateboards, bikes, scooters, motorbikes, fireworks (or pyrotechnic displays) are permitted on conference property. Conference Point Center is a smoke-free environment. Due to safety and health concerns, smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings or on the property. Candles are not allowed in any of the buildings unless approved by Conference Director. If any guest violates these restrictions, they may be asked to leave and the group may forfeit the right to renew their contract.


Driving/(Un)Loading/Parking: Please keep to our 5 mph speed limit on our entire grounds and be on the lookout for children at all times. Please stick to our 10 minute (un)loading zones in front of the housing buildings. After unloading, you may park your vehicle in any designated parking spots. Also, please comply with our handicapped parking spaces.


Activities: Sports equipment is available in the administration building. Swimming during the summer months of mid June through mid August is only allowed while lifeguards are on duty. During non-summer months swimming is available at your own risk during scheduled times. We highly recommend groups staff these activities when minors are permitted to use them at the times designated by the Conference Center. No one is to use these activities outside of the posted Conference Center schedule. The above activities have inherent risk and danger.


Meals: Our meals are served buffet style. Guests are asked to arrive 5 minutes before the start of meal times. All of our guest groups will eat together at one time after a word of prayer. The meal times are as follows: Breakfast — 8:30am; Lunch — 12:30pm; Dinner — 5:30pm. Upon completion of meals, each group is expected to clear their tables and leave the dining room neat and in order. Shoes and shirt are required in the dining room. Please let us know 12 days in advance if you have any specific dietary needs and we will try to accommodate these needs. Retreat meal menus are planned according to demographics of the guest groups using the facility.


Dancing: Line-dancing, square-dancing, and swing-dancing are allowed. All other forms of dancing are not permitted unless approved ahead of time by the Conference Director.


Pets: No pets are allowed (except medical assistant dogs) on camp property except with special permission from the Conference Director.

Buildings/Furnishings/Equipment: Buildings and grounds are to be left in a clean and orderly manner. Shaving cream, toothpaste, silly string, and water balloon fights are not permitted inside any of the camp/conference buildings. Clean­up and damage fees will be assessed and paid at the closing of the retreat or billed at a later date. Water balloon fights are allowed in a designated field with prior approval from the Conference Director. All linens, bedding, furniture, and other building equipment must remain in their respective rooms. Any furniture that is moved in each room must be put back in its original place before departure.


Damages: Upon arrival, the group leader may inspect the facilities they are using and notify the Conference Director of any prior damage, missing pillows/blankets, etc. Groups will be charged a minimum of $30.00 for any cleaning over and above normal group use (see Buildings/Furnishings/Equipment) or discharge of a fire extinguisher due to misuse. A group will be charged at the normal rate per hour needed for materials and labor to repair damages. Missing items will be charged at replacement cost. Conference Point Center reserves the right to hold the deposit for any group for seven days. This allows time to check for any damage(s) done by the group. The deposit will be mailed back in full if no damage was incurred.


Clean-Up of Living Quarters, Meeting Rooms, and Outdoor Areas: Noted areas will be clean and put back in order, which includes: one pillow and blanket placed on each bed, trash picked up and placed in garbage receptacles and any borrowed sports equipment returned. The group leader and Conference Director or his representative will inspect rooms for cleanliness, order, breakage, and loss of camp property. A check-out sheet will also be provided before groups depart.

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