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Criteria for being inducted into the LGSC Hall Of Fame    


Overall athletic accomplishments at the conference

    a. performance

    b. longevity

    c. sportsmanship

    d. tournament wins



    a. Golden Era (1940-1980)

    b. Modern Era (1981-present)


Following the initial class of inductees no more
than two inductees per division will be chosen each year

Hall of Fame

Golden Era

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Joe is the only person to be chosen under two umbrellas, both athlete and organizer. In 1944 Joe attended the conference for the first time, adding an air of competition to the week that had not been seen in previous years.

As a former minor league baseball player he brought a love and enthusiasum of the game of softball to the lakefront field that was contagious. He brought up a group of young men from the St. Louis area, (many from his Sunday school class), and they really knew how to play the game. Joe initiated the geographical weeklong softball tournaments, (St. Louis, Chicago north side, Chicago south side, Detroit and Milwaukee), that were a staple of the conference for many years. If you were not in a meeting, or at a meal, you were at the ballfield. On the field Joe was the pitcher for St. Louis, as well as one of their most feared hitters. No records were kept but the team he both organized and anchored won their fair share of weekly titles. Joe was also an accomplished golfer, adding several individual tournament victories to his impressive conference resume.


Wilson is recognized as the best overall athlete to ever grace the conference grounds. Whether on land or in the water, his talent, drive, and accomplishments were unrivaled.  He played 3rd base for the Chicago team from the mid-1940's into the 70's and not only hit with unmatched power but a high average as well. He won several of the weekly golf tournaments over the years and on more than one occasion swam from Conference Point to Walworth just for fun.

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After honing his skills at Foster Park in Chicago, Ray brought his talents to CPC. From 1945 through the mid 70's Ray patrolled the outfield for the southside Chicago team with speed and sure hands. He hit with power and had a very high batting average. Ray was also a very talented volleyball player well into his 50's, leading several teams to weekly tournament victories.

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Nobody loved coming to the conference to play the game of softball more than Bruce. Also a Foster Park product, Bruce played the outfield for Chicago with his good friend and future brother-in-law Ray Demich. He was a fierce competitor who hit for a high average and never dropped a ball he got his hands on. 

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John was a line drive hitting shortstop for the St. Louis squad from the mid 40's. For many years he played an important role in the team's success. Considered to be the best shortstop to ever step onto the lakeside field.


Jerry was a power hitting 3rd baseman for St.Louis, who along with his brother John took care of the left side of the infield  for many years. Together they were a one-two punch that was hard for the other midwest teams to match.


Cliff helped usher in the era of competitive volleyball at the conference. While softball was king for many years, by the late 50's volleyball caught fire. Cliff was the catalyst in this shift. Not only winning multiple tournaments with the Bethel Bombers, but also both organizing and officiating tournament play.

Modern Era


In the modern era a variety of tornaments were added to the conference, and nobody has been as dominating as Jon. He is the most decorated individual athlete in the history of the conference,and the only one to have a legitimate argument for best athlete of all time. Jon has not only won multiple tournaments, he has won them many times over. He is a perpetual winner in the following tournaments: Golf, Ping Pong, Tennis, Doubles Tennis, 2on2 basketball, Volleyball, along with being possibly the most powerful hitter to ever step on the softball field.


Like his younger brother Jon, Jay has won multiple tournaments. Jay has dominated over the years in the following areas: Tennis, Golf, Shuffleboard, Bocceball, Volleyball, and on the softball field Jay stood out as an outstanding shortstop and power hitter.


The veterans committee has unanimously elected Kevin Nelson to the Lake Geneva Summer Conference Sports Hall of Fame. Long overdue, Kevin Nelson has been selected for enshrinement in the LGSC Hall of Fame. He has won many tournaments over the years. One of the most talented basketball players to ever play in the 2on2 tournament. Kevin's long range shooting earned him the nickname "the Larry Bird of conference point". An outstanding tennis player, winning the singles title multiple times. A feared force on the volleyball court, consistently delivering kills with both his right and left hands, his "moonball" serve, famous for being strategically placed right between the sun and his opponent's eyes, has accounted for hundreds of points over the years. He is a skilled golfer always in the running for the golf championship. He annually participates in the early morning Boot Camp. This is perhaps his most awesome accomplishment. He is one of only two people to ever win the annual "Golden Boot". Winning the award four consecutive years.  

His work as Sports committee chairman has earned national recognition. He has introduced our conference to Bean bags and Kan Jam, revived the cross country race as well as the kid's games at the Lake. Last December, Kevin was named by the North American association of Family Bible conferences as the most outstanding Sports Committee Chairman for 2015.


Ray Jr. patrolled left field for the Chicago squad for more than two decades, mid 70's through the late 90's. He had both power and speed and played with reckless abandon admired by teammates and foes alike. Ray carried that all out attitude to the volleyball court as well, where over the years he shared in several titles. In recent years he has honed his golf skills as well, winning multiple titles in the scramble format.

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