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Rooms and Rates

History and character are plentiful at Conference Point's 110-year-old facilities. While the "Premier" Soderquist Lodge opened a few years ago, many of the others (though renovated) are at least 125 years old. What you can expect are simple, clean and comfortable accommodations for a wonderful camp stay that will make a lifetime of memories. Recent upgrades will be noted in the description.





Premier  ​

Soderquist Lodge features spacious guest rooms feature lake or camp views, private bathrooms, and queen beds with modular bunk options for families. The lobby provides a cozy sitting area in front of a welcoming fireplace. 


Elevator Access to first and second-floor, private ADA showers, and A/C.

Soderquist Lodge


Price: $831 per week per adult, includes all meals.


Single Occupancy: $962 Per Week, Includes all meals


Linens provided.



Stunning views, newer upgrades, and private restrooms and provided linens offer a comfortable stay.


2-5 beds per room with bath/showers in the building. A/C in McDonald, Magill Suites, Retreat, Zivin Wings (formerly known as Chapin Wings)


Price: $696 per week per adult, includes all meals.



Linens provided



Great views, recently updated and upgraded.


2-5 beds per room available, bath/showers in building. Bethel, Ross, Magill, Zivin Center (formerly known as Chapin Center).


Price: $642 per week per adult, includes all meals.


NO linens included (bring your own or rent for $8)


Exception: Linens are provided for Magill upstairs.



Great views and shared restrooms offer a

glimpse of life in the past.


2-5 beds per room available, bath/showers in building.



Price: $572 per week per adult, includes all meals.


NO linens included (bring your own or rent for $8)


Teen Dorms

Dorm facilities for teens (going into 9th grade).  Showers in the building, no pillows supplied. Teen dorms are only* for teens who are entering into 9th grade in the fall to those who have just graduated from the 12th grade that spring.


Teenagers up to the age of 19 must have a parent or sponsor attending the conference. 



Price: $334 per week per teen, INCLUDES ALL MEALS




Children's rates offered at less than cost to help make your vacation a reality.


Age 2 - $91       Age 4 - $118        Age 6 - $140       Age 8 - $176       Age 10 - $199         Age 12 - $231


Age 3 - $102       Age 5 - $129        Age 7 - $154       Age 9 - $188       Age 11 - $211         Age 13 - $266

(all meals included)


Children under 2 free. 


High chairs are available. Please notify the registrar of need in advance.



(1) There is a 15% surcharge for single occupancy of a double-occupancy room, unless noted otherwise.


(2) CPC provides rented linens (sheets, towels, etc.) for $5 (1-3 days)  or  $8 (4-7 days).  Please advise the Registrar one month prior to camp if you wish to use the camp linens and pay the fee.


25% discount for first-time attendees staying the entire week. Contact registrar for more details.


Registration begins Saturday, July 20 at 4:30 p.m. in the Chapel.  Please do not arrive on the grounds prior to that time.


Please inform the registrars if you will not be arriving on Saturday.


Arrangements for partial week reservations can be made during the conference.  Click Here to send a message to set up your partial week with the registrar.

Participation of Disabled: If you have health concerns, we suggest that you contact your physician to help determine the suitability of attending. Disabled Lake Geneva Summer Conference attendees requiring special attention or treatment must be reported to the registrar. A companion who is able to provide the required assistance must accompany any person who is unable to attend independently or who needs any type of assistance. 



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